Block Play

Furniture Installation 
commissioned by Studio Henk
Photography by Cindy Bakker
Special thanks: Noortje Knulst

Designers:  CTT studio, Studi Verbaan, Nienke Sikkema

We invited Rotterdam-based design professional Berry Dijkstra to create an installation inspired by and using pieces from our new collection Block Play in The Gallery at The Home of Studio HENK.

Championing modularity and playfulness ~ Dijkstra stacked and turned pieces from our new collection Block Play upside down, stripping them of their functionality and highlighting their shapes, colours, and materials instead. Held together with loading straps like ‘glue’, the minimalistic sculptures balance the boundaries of art and design. 

Featured in the installation are works by designers Iwan Pol, Nienke Sikkema, Studio CTT, Studio Verbaan, and Victor Ledure that boast either a modular or stackable element and have a playful aesthetic. Gamma Intel composed the accompanying soundtrack, which features sound fragments related to the installation and living room noises.


Mult tower installation during GLUE 2022 at the Studio Henk flagship store in Amsterdam 


From top to bottom: Wooden sculpture by Studio Verbaan, Coffee table Pillar by Studio Henk, and Furry pillar by Iwan Pol


From left to right: Olivier van der Mark, Fransje Gimbrere, Rollo Bryant, Corradino Garafalo, Lenny Stöpp, Tellurico, Willem van Hooff and Fransje Gimbrere