E s c a p i s m  

Curation and Scenography 

Designers: Amber Dewaele (Belgium), Anima Ona (Germany), Balzer Balzer (Germany), Barry Llewellyn (The Netherlands), Boldizar Senteski (Hungary), Célestine Peuchot (France), CORPUS STUDIO (France), Coseincorso (Belgium), Elisabeth Baeza (Belgium), Johanna Seelemann (Germany), Johanna Ulfsak (Estonia), Kajsa Willner (Sweden), Lucas Huillet (France), Manifold (United States), Panorammma (Mexico), Pieterjan (Belgium), Rahee Yoon (Republic of Korea), Sebastian Kommer (Germany), Studio Eidola (Switzerland), Studio Joachim-Morineau 
(The Netherlands), Waiting For Ideas (France)

For the curated section of COLLECTIBLE 2022, we are calling on designers who pull us from our daily reality to take us on a voyage of discovery into a universe full of fresh ideas and colourful vistas. A journey brimming with effervescent concepts and enchanting objects that appeal to the imagination through both form and material. An expedition that leads us along tempestuous paths, steep descents, and narrow passages to utopian visions that offer a glimpse into worlds we can only dream of.


Soft Jug by Panorammma


Baked Ornament Rug by Anima Ona


Polyphony by Barry Llewellyn


From top left to right: Sunset wall light by Ambder Dewaele, Round Table by Pieterjan, Ottoman by Manifold, BB chair by CORPUS STUDIO | Image by Elewaut Seppe