Shifting Time Frames

Furniture Installation 
commissioned by Mister Design
Photography by Michiel Bosman
Special thanks: Joep Steenbergen

Designers:  Atelier FIG, Lenny Stöpp, Rik van Veen, Teun Zwets, Gianmaria Della Ratta, Studio CTT, Pepijn Fabius Clovis, Simone Post, Jeroen van Veluw & Iris Lucia Megens

The Dutch design landscape; a source of inspiration that inspired Berry Dijkstra to compose a furniture installation in which 'then, now, and the future' come together. There is a focus on experimentation, craft, and color through the conscious selection of a new generation of designers. Dijkstra's work is characterized by the release of functionality, which pushes the boundaries of design. This offers a new perspective through which his composition enriches the experience of design.