Berry Dijkstra 2023

Welcome to the captivating world of Berry Dijkstra, where design becomes a narrative. With over a decade of experience in the design industry, Berry is an acclaimed curator, photographer, composition artist, and collector hailed for his distinctive approach to storytelling through design.

Berry's design journey commenced over ten years ago, ignited by an unwavering passion for design, and visual storytelling, rooted in Dutch design traditions.

His expertise as a curator extends beyond mere selection; Berry has a knack for stacking furniture and arranging spaces that seamlessly intertwine functionality with artistic expression, creating dynamic environments that resonate with individuals.

A color expert by nature, Berry's work transcends traditional boundaries, as he skillfully weaves vibrant palettes into his designs.

His love for design and materials is palpable in every project he undertakes. Berry has a keen eye for materials, leveraging their unique properties to breathe life into his creations. Whether it's experimenting with textures or harmonizing contrasting elements, his designs radiate a distinct fusion of creativity and craftsmanship.

Berry's unwavering dedication to supporting young designers is evident in his focus on nurturing emerging talent. He believes in providing platforms for creatives, fostering innovation and fresh perspectives within the design landscape.



2023 Muralla Roja on my mind, Tylko, Valencia  
2023 Mickey Philips, Rademakers Gallery, Amsterdam
2023 Young Design Section, Design Fair, HNI
2022 Shifting Time Frames, MisterDesign
2022 Block Play, Studio HENK, Amsterdam
2022 Down to Earth, Shåk Gallery, Brussels 
2022 Move I'm Gay, de Bijenkorf, Rotterdam
2022 Young Design Section, Design Fair, HNI
2022 Scenography, Trend Summit, de Bijenkorf 
2022 Collectible, Curator, and Scenography
2021 Isola Talents, Scenography, Dutch Design Week
2021 The 1m2, van Abbemuseum, Dutch Design Week 
2021 A Slow Parade, Berry Dijkstra & From Form
2021 valerie_Objects x SUSAN BIJL, Rotterdam Art Week
2020 A Motley Crew, Berry Dijkstra & Pim Top, Salon Salon
2020 Integral Accident for Got your Back with Pim Top 
2020 Form Follows Fun, Isola goes digital


Eigenhuis en Interieur
Architectural Digest / Get clever
Elle Decoration
Dutch Design week
Finnish Design Shop
And C magazine
Say Hi To

Loods 5
De morgen



2023 Design talk, Het Nieuwe Instituut
2023 Design talk, Collectible Fair 
2022  Board member, Vedute Foundation


de Bijenkorf