2 augustus 2021

Paul Coenen

Paul Coenen graduated in 2019 from the Design Academy Eindhoven with his project Borders of Assembly. This collection was one of my personal highlights of the graduation sh. ow. Paul found out that many materials come into the market in a standardized size so that all machines can work with these materials. After producing the products, they are often made in a way that they fit precisely in a standard-sized box and those fit again on a standard size pallet and so on. 

This standardization affects how everything in our surrounding is shaped. Paul started to look in these standard materials and techniques with the idea to find a way to use such material differently. 

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25 juli 2021

Form Follows Fun

In light of current events, digital has replaced offline. So instead of walking through the streets of Milan on the lookout for design and exciting ideas, we plunge into a digital version of the Salone del Mobile. With this article, I share some of my favourite designers, their vision and their products. I will make clear why design is relevant in a world that is shaking on its foundations and how I keep creative as an interior stylist and design curator. 

Since a while, I have been focusing on creating furniture compositions at home. By combining stunning products in such a way that they strengthen each other and on the other hand generating friction by putting items together that aren't quickly married. By taking away the functional aspect, the focus shifts to the composition, materials and colours. By placing a chair on a cabinet, the chair becomes a shape, a volume. By flipping and stacking and rearranging furniture in a nonfunctional way, I can free myself from the status quo, dogma's and rules and create a new narrative 'Form follows fun'. 

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